The Company

More than 40 years ago, Michael Garbounis -the founder of our company- saw through his experience in the field of repairing commercial vehicles the promising prospects of refrigerated transports. His decision to focus on the reparation and marketing of cooling systems and, indeed, the best ones in the market, i.e. the Thermoking – Carrier systems, set the basis for the creation of a large business, such as "Garbounis Bros" is today.

The successors in the business did not lose any time. On the contrary, they proceeded with stable professional steps to serious investments in facilities and equipment. But they mainly invested in well-trained staff and the adoption of modern business management methods.

The business's current image proves that it is an avant-guard business, constantly following the evolution of technology by attending international expositions and seminars, incorporating high-end equipment, adopting reparation and quality control procedures and, in general, offering its clients the best and most secure service terms. Our more than 40 years presence in the field of refrigerated transports is based on very stable grounds, allowing us to keep up with the developments over the next years.


P1020692A cooling systems workshop with the reputation of our company does not need to prove its experience, know-how, consistency, diligence and organization. Otherwise, we wouldn't have survived through time.

However, a cooling systems workshop with a complete crew of specially trained technicians, ready to repair any damage 24/7 with a great variety of spare parts is not something very common, if not unusual. It is unique!!!

Through our service professional drivers enjoy two important privileges: Firstly, they avoid delays, they do not take their vehicle out of service and they are not exposed to their clients; and secondly, they minimize the risk of causing damage to the cargo and they avoid the unfavorable consequences of such damage.

Mobile workshops and crane trucks are always ready to offer their valuable services with just one phone call.


anakataskevi_smallWith Thermoking's cooling technology on our fingertips, it is no surprise that the safe refurbishment of the company's cooling systems is an easy task for our technicians.

An important part of our business is the refurbishment of cooling systems. Based on the principle of replacing all worn-out parts with new genuine ones without spending time on repairs and quality controls, we offer refurbished cooling systems with labour and spare parts warranty at very attractive prices.



Know-how and development 

In terms of our philosophy for continuous development and specialized training, the company has for many years been organizing educational seminars of technical nature for our staff.

Some of these seminars are listed below: 

training certificates Thermoking
training certificates Carrier-Transicold