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Two-Temperature Ford Transit

The works included insulation of the cargo space, construction of a movable partition and installation of a Thermoking cooling system (type: V-300 20MAX).

During the conversion process, the internal cargo space was insulated and a movable partition was constructed by "BVPLAST", enabling full exploitation of the cargo space, as well as the creation of two compartments (fridge and freezer). The client may remove one of the compartments by moving the partition in the front part of the trailer, thus creating a single fridge or freezer compartment. A Thermoking cooling system (type: V-300 20MAX) driven by the vehicle's engine with external 380V power supply was also installed. A cooling conduit system with ventilators was constructed to allow cooling of the trailer's back compartment. A separate thermostat was installed inside the cabin, in the back compartment (fridge).