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Volvo FH16 610 intended for fruit and vegetable transports

The works included installation of a new cooling trailer made by "Dervisis" and a refurbished Thermoking cooling system (type: TD-II MAX) (link) by GARBOUNISBROS.
During the conversion of the vehicle, a new cooling trailer was installed with special indentation for the integration of the cooling system, enabling fruit and vegetables transports. A refurbished Thermoking cooling system (type: TD-ΙΙ MAX) (link) was also installed by GARBOUNISBROS. In order to facilitate operator access, the automation controls and the thermostat were transferred to the lower part of the trailer. Furthermore, the system control was placed on a specially adjusted base (made by GARBOUNISBROS) in the lower part of the console in the driver cabin, enabling easy operation and control while on the way.